Notch Manufacturing Incorporated

Skid Loader Attachments, Bale Transports, Feeders, Precision Wagons, and Land Levelers

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Compact Tractor


Rock or Root



Bale Spears




Tine Forks



Pallet Forks

Low Profile



Slurry Bucket



Material Buckets



High Volume



Conversion Plate



Snow Pushers



Bale Transports



Feeder Wagons



Stationary Feeders


Land Levelers







Bale Racks

Compact Grapple Rock Bucket    Compact Grapple Root Bucket     Compact Tine Fork     Compact Pallet Fork

   Rock Bucket        Grapple Rock     Dual Grapple Rock     Root Bucket         Grapple Root     Dual Grapple Root

 All Bale Spears    Double Bale Quad    Quad Push Off     Universal Quick Hitch   Universal Quick Hitch    3 Point Hitch
                                                                                with Receiver        with 5th Wheel Mover

    Tine Fork          TF Grapple-32      TF Grapple -39     Dual TF Grapple    Industrial Dual TF Grapple

  Straight Back       Walk Through         60" wide - 6K     Grapple Pallet Fork

  Low Profile        Low Profile Utility      Grapple LPU      High Back Grapple    Forage Bucket      Dual Grapple LPU

 Slurry Bucket

 Material Bucket    Grapple Material

  High Volume     Grapple High Volume

Conversion Plate

  Snow Pusher        Pull Back SP

      6 Bale                  8 Bale                10 Bale               Decked              Gooseneck      Self - Unloading

Feeder Wagon - 84"    Feeder Wagon - 90"   Cable Feeder Wagon    Flared Mobile Bunk       TMR Feeder

Stationary Feeder - 84"   Stationary Feeder - 90"      Bunk Feeders      Flared Bunk Feeder       Fence Line

 50HP or Less         150HP or Less     250HP - 300HP

Precision Wagon

  Steel Deck            Wood Deck

    Bale Rack


Notch Manufacturing Inc.

23664 State Hwy 4, Lake Henry, MN 56362


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